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Satyavan Singh

Freedom from Kidney Stones


S/o Shri Shriram Village - Gavadi, Tehsil - Narnaul, District. Mahendragarh, Haryana

I, Satyavan Singh, serve in the Indian Air Force. First of all, I bow to the lotus feet of Gurudev Shri Ram Lal Ji Siyag. I was suffering from kidney stones since 1992. It was very painful. In 1996, I took indigenous medicines for 45 days for stones from Najafgarh, Delhi, due to which a large stone piece came out in the urine, but the entire stone did not come out.

  • I got an X-ray done in February 2006, which showed a very large stone in the right kidney. The Air Force doctor referred to Military Hospital, Nashik on the same day. The doctor referred me to Ashwini Navy Hospital from Nashik. On 29.4.2006 I went to I.N.H.S. Ashwini hospital where I underwent surgery (PCNL), in which a large stone was pulled out.

  • When X-ray was done after the operation, five pieces of stones appeared which were still left in the kidney during the operation. Laser therapy was performed three times to break these stones (on 13 June 2006, 04 August 2006 and 24 October 2006). In laser therapy, the stone is made into a powder by the machine itself so that the broken stone will come out with urine. The stones did not break at all. On 30.12.2006, once again (PCNL) I was operated in which only one stone was removed and four stones still could not be removed.

  • I ate a lot of indigenous medicines from February 2006 to February 2009, but to no avail. Swami Ramdevji's medicine was taken by me from October 2007 to February 2008.The medicine was taken with complete abstinence and according to what was advised but to no avail. Then took four to five months of medicine from Dr. Karule of Ozhar, but got no benefit, while the pain continued. Dr. Karule stopped the medicine himself, saying that it was not possible for him to cure it.

  • I was sent from Nashik to Ashwini Mumbai on 29 January 2009. I got the date 10.2.2009 (ESWL)for laser therapy. During this time, I met Gurudev's disciple who was working in the Indian Navy, and used to hold meditation session in the evening in the Garden of Ashwini Hospital. He gave me a photo of Gurudev and told me the method of meditation. I meditated on the evening of 03 February 2009 with everyone.

I experienced deep meditation on the first day. During meditation I experienced, Moolbandha, Udiyan Bandh and Jalandhar Bandh. During meditation, Bhagwan Shri Krishna came in front of me playing flute. After meditation, I shared my experience with others then I was told that I had experienced ‘Bandh’ (locks). While I did not understand anything about ‘bandh’.
  • After two or three days, my tongue got stuck to the palate during meditation. When I told about it, they said that I had experienced ‘Khechari Mudra’. Before this, I did not know anything about Khechari Mudra.

  • Then on 10 February 2009, my stone was broken again by laser therapy and next day X-ray was done in which all the four stones appeared as before.

  • Dr. Saheb discharged from the hospital on 16.2.2009. I was coming from Bombay to Nashik by train. I started meditating in an A.C. cabin that was completely empty. During meditation, Gurudev asked me – you have come from the hospital, any benefit? I said, “No, Gurudev.” Then Gurudev said that he will treat me from now onwards and after that my meditation got over.

  • After getting up carefully, when I went to urinate, a large piece of stone came out in the urine. I returned to Nashik. Five stone pieces of the same size in came out within 7-8 days and all these stones came out without any pain.

  • On 05 March 2009 I went to Surat (Gujarat) and took initiation from Garudev. Now I am neither eating any medicine nor taking any kind of treatment. I only meditate on Gurudev in the morning and evening and rest of the time I chant the mantra. Everything is going well after taking initiation from Gurudev.

  • At home, all family members meditate on Gurudev's photo. I bow at the feet of revered Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag. Jai Gurudev Sri Ramlal Ji Siyag and Jai Dada Gurudev Baba Shri Gangainath Ji.