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Amazing recovery from accident by chanting and meditation


Village - Kairap, Tehsil - Didwana, District - Nagaur (Raj.)

On 3 August 2018, at 6:00 pm, I had an accident near village Banthadi, District-Nagaur bus station. I was driving a motorcycle when a car coming from the opposite side at a high speed hit me, due to which one of my hands and five ribs were broken.

  • The whole body was injured. I was taken to a hospital in Jaipur for treatment. I was in ICU for about 12 days. Right from the time of the accident, the veins of the left hand had got affected and there were frequent jerks in this hand.

  • This problem did not resolve despite the treatment by the doctors. Then 15 days later one of our relatives, R.D Deval Ji from Jodhpur, advised to chant a mantra of respected Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag which is received either from the website: or from the phone number -07533006009.

  • I mentally chanted this Sanjeevani mantra and meditated regularly.I recovered quickly and became completely healthy. My problem which couldn’t be resolved by the medicines was quickly solved by Gurudev’s Mantra chanting.

In one of Gurudev's sermons, I had heard where Gurudev says "Get an outside doctor plus unite with the doctor within you, then the disease will be cured quickly and this is happening."
  • I was treated on the same principle. Gurudev has never opposed Science. Rather, he has told the world about the divine knowledge which is beyond science in a functional manner.

  • My advice is that if any person has any kind of trouble, do intense chanting of Guru-Mantra and get rid of your sufferings. Jai Gurudev!