Image Prakash Tulsi Singh Parmar

Prakash Tulsi Singh Parmar

Memory returned & meningitis cured by Gurudev’s mercy


202-Akansha-Sai Nagar Vasai (West), Mumbai

First and foremost, I salute at the holy feet of my Gurudev, whose infinite grace brought a wonderful change in my life.

  • In December 2010, I had meningitis. Even though I showed to many doctors, there was no benefit. After getting an MRI at Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai, I was told I had Meningeal tuberculosis.

  • I lost my memory as well. Doctors said that I could die in a few months and that there was no cure for it. Everyone started crying. I then took leave from the hospital and came home.

  • Jagdish Purohit, a frind of mine, told me about Gurudev and took me to Vasai Ashram. I took initiation by watching Gurudev’s CD. There when Gurubhai Sri Jeevan Bhai tried to convince me about the benefits of Siddha Yoga, I did not understand anything,

I could not believe anything. Nevertheless, by the grace of Gurudev, I was doing meditation and chanting the mantra regularly.
  • Gradually my health started improving. I started going to the Vasai (Mumbai) ashram regularly. Then I returned to the doctor after a month.

  • After thorough examination, the doctor reduced the medicines and said that it was a miracle and asked what was I doing? I said that I was chanting the mantra given by Gurudev.

  • I have surrendered completely at the lotus feet of my Gurudev. Now I am handling my business well and my memory also has returned. I salute my Gurudev.