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Revant Singh

Hepatitis-B cured by Gurudev’s grace


Village-Khatolai Post-Antaroli Khurd, District- Nagaur (Raj.)

First of all, my salutations to Gurudev Sri Ramlal Ji Siyag and Dada Gurudev. I serve the Indian army. When I was posted in Jamnagar, I started getting yellow urine. I got it tested and the result showed my Serum Bilirubin value 1.8 on September 4, 2009, then 6.3 and in the next test it was 12.4 and on 17 th September it was 29.33.

  • I was admitted to the Military Hospital Jamnagar. Hepatitis-B Positive was diagnosed in the second test report. The doctors said that Hepatitis-B infection has been diagnosed and they sent some tests to Mumbai Ashwini Hospital for examination.

  • Then Hepatitis test was done twice, reports came as Hepatitis-B Positive. I was sent to Gastro Physician. When I asked other patients, they told that Hepatitis-B is not curable.

  • They said that they were taking injections for the last two years and have taken 48 injections and still the report for Hepatitis-B is not Negative. Hearing all this, I got frustrated and started worrying about it. No one in my house or family has this disease. I lost my appetite and started worrying day and night.

One day when I went to the garden in the evening at 5 pm, many patients were sitting and meditating. I had no idea what they were doing. When I asked a patient, he told that he was meditating on Guruji and that by meditating on Guruji, all the diseases get cured.
  • One of Gurudev's disciples told me how to meditate and played the mantra from his mobile for me. I started meditating from the same day which was October 10. I meditated in the morning and evening and used to chant the mantra all the time while walking, sleeping, bathing and defecating.

  • I used to remember Gurudev all the time and prayed to him to cure my disease.

  • I did not take any medicine in the hospital and remembered Gurudev all the time and prayed to him to cure my disease as He was my only support, neither medicines nor anyone else, only Him. I did not have Yogic movements, but Gurudev used to appear on a horse as an incarnation of ‘Kalki’ during meditation. I found this very surprising that if I asked for 10 minutes of meditation time then my eyes used to open exactly after 10 minutes and if I asked for 15 minutes, then after 15 minutes my meditation would get over, not a minute less or more. I had started meditation from 10th October. Serum Bilirubin value dropped to 1.3 on 17th November and I was discharged from the hospital.

  • When I got the Hepatitis-B test done again, a negative report came on 15th December. Gurudev freed me from this disease. I am of the opinion that whatever distress is caused by life, disappears by Gurudev's meditation and chanting of Sanjeevani mantra and the seeker starts getting immense joy.