Image Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma

Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma

Freedom from addiction to alcohol


Rampur, U.P.

I am Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, resident of Rampur, UP. I am a Brahmin. Today on 16 June 2014, I came to Jodhpur Ashram with my partner and got blessed by seeing Gurudev. It was about four years ago.

  • One day I switched on the TV on a Thursday. Gurudev's program was coming on TV. Seeing him, I got inspired. The next day, I called AVSK, Jodhpur Ashram and after taking complete information, got his CD, photo and Spiritual Science magazine etc. through courier.

  • I received all the material two days before Deepawali. Before opening the parcel, I decided that I would open the parcel and start my spiritual practice before doing Deepawali worship. I did the same.

Two days after Deepawali, I saw in my dream "Shri Krishna Sharanam mam gachchami" written in golden letters in the sky. I saw these lines written in capital letters. Since then my faith in Gurudev became firm and knowledge started flowing within.
  • I was an alcohol addict. I had been trying my best to quit but could not succeed. I got freed from this addiction only in three days after starting the Sanjeevani mantra chanting and meditation.

  • I used to go to Shiva's temple to worship. Many times, when I was ready to go to the Shiv temple, my friends would come with a bottle of liquor, then I used to start drinking, completing forgetting about worshipping Shiva.Such was the state of my worship.

  • "Now I do not even know whether liquor is sold in India or not.” But there is such a power in Gurudev's name that the sins of my many last births were cut off. Now I have understood the real worship. I was only a cheat. Even when someone used to come to me with a lot of reverence, I used to think of ways to fool that devotee. And now I understand that most of the people are hypocrites like me.

  • My request to all of you is that instead of wandering from place to place, start your spiritual journey with full devotion at the feet of Gurudev and lead a disciplined life and find solutions to all the problems of life.