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Krishnalal Budhiraja

Progress in Spiritual life and freedom from multiple diseases


Pune (Maharashtra)

My name is Krishnalal Budhiraja and I am 77 years old. My asthma worsened so I was admitted in a hospital in ICU. I was discharged from the hospital on October 13, 2012.

  • Earlier I had taken initiation from Gurudev through TV channel but then I thought that I should go to Jodhpur Ashram to meet Gurudev and take initiation before Gurudev.

  • When I called at Adhyatma Vigyan Satsang Kendra, Jodhpur, I was informed that Gurudev is here till October 28, after that he will go to Kota. I was still very weak because I was just discharged from the ICU on 13th October. The train reservation could not be done so I had to go by bus.

  • I chanted the Sanjeevani mantra in the bus. Reached the Ashram at 9 am. I was informed that Gurudev was not well so he will not come now. I was very upset to hear this.

  • I went to the office, talked to the people present there. After sometime I was informed that Gurudev is coming. It was heartening to know that Gurudev comes to know everything, that Gurudev is omnipresent, omniscient. Even when his health was not good, he came to the ashram only because of a seeker who had come to Jodhpur from Pune.

He came only to meet me. I bowed down at the feet of Gurudev and took initiation. Gurudev soon returned.
  • The next day, I went back to Pune. In the bus and after reaching Poona, started practicing meditation and chanting the mantra. Within a month and a half, ‘Ajapa jaap’ started. Then by the grace of Gurudev, ‘Anhadnaad’ began to be heard. That gave me joy round the clock. The 25-year-old asthma was also cured by practicing meditation and chanting continuously. Bile, constipation etc were also under control. Now there is no trouble.

  • There was pain in the knees for the last three-four years. When the knee x-ray was done, the doctor said that there is no liquid in your knees. I prayed compassionately to Gurudev for this disease too, I realized that there is no doctor in the world bigger than Gurudev and there is no medicine better than Sanjeevani Mantra given by him. The right knee is completely healed and there is 70 percent improvement in the left knee as well and I am confident that it will be cured soon.

  • I was suffering from Hernia disease for the last 10-15 years. Also got the operation done once. But after sometime the pain started coming back. But since I started worshiping Gurudev, for the last one and a half years I am absolutely fine, there is no pain of any kind.

  • I got asthma at the age of 47 and at the age of 70 it completely worsened. I started getting very anxious. The doctor wrote a tablet which used to give some relief. But Gurudev who is my God stamped this tablet. He showered his mercy on me and now I am hundred percent healthy. I got my strength. Now I love Gurudev so much that I cannot express it in words. I do not have words.

  • He is the most knowledgeable, most merciful, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscience. He is a true friend of everyone, and the Supreme Lord of all and is a divine incarnation of 'Kalki' in Kaliyuga. I salute such a supremely merciful God. I am extremely happy by the immense grace of Gurudev.