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Vishnu Malavanta

Relief from mental stress and appendix


District- Baran (Raj.)

I bow at the feet of revered Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag and Dada Gurudev. I took initiation from Gurudev on 8 January 2009 at Dussehra ground in Kota. Before initiation, my life was dull.

  • I had mental tension and headache. Because of which I was very upset. The smile had disappeared from my face.

  • But after meditating on Gurudev, I felt very peaceful and after some time I got complete freedom from mental troubles. Now I am very happy all the time.

I experience Yogic Kriyas of the neck during meditation. There are sharp strokes in the head, which make the sound like tuck-tuck. Too much energy is felt in the body and there is a lot of joy.
  • A year back, I started complaining of stomach ache. After eating food in the evening, there was a slight pain near the navel and by morning, the pain would increase and the stomach would swell up.

  • There was pain even when the stomach was pressed lightly. When I had stomach ache for the first time, I took treatment and was cured in 5 days. After 10-15 days, the pain started coming back, but this time I did not see the doctor and started chanting intensely, which led to yogic kriyas in my stomach.

  • In this way, my stomach ache was cured in 5 days. This stomach ache occurred 5-6 times at an interval of 10-15 days, but each time without taking medicines, it was cured only by intensive mantra chanting and meditation. Today it has been about 6-7 months, I am very healthy.

  • Divine Realization: - One evening, I was chanting the mantra while lying down. After about 30-40 minutes, I felt as if a part of something within my head rose up and I suddenly started going into the depths of meditation. The outside voices stopped coming and Sanjeevani Mantra started being chanted at a very fast pace. The heartbeat accelerated. Within a minute I opened my eyes in fear because I was unable to bear that divine view. With the grace of Gurudev, I experienced a state of samadhi and I percieved that the entire universe is within my body. After that day, I tried the same way many times but was not able to experience it again. Maybe my body is not quite ready for this sort of experience yet.

  • I pray to Gurudevfor His grace on me forever. A lot of respects at the holy feet of Gurudev.