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Sunil Lahoti

Freedom from blood cancer


S/O Shri Mahavir Lahoti, Village-Charaidev Bagan District-Sivasagar (Assam)

First and foremost, my obeisances at the Holy feet of Gurudev Ji. I had cold and cough problem for several days. I went to the doctor for examination.

  • The doctor wrote some tests and gave medicines.Later the doctor asked for Bone marrow test. The test result showed that I had AMLM2 (blood cancer), which is a rare disease. I was very disheartened.

  • When my elder brother, Mr. Arun Lahoti came to know about my disease, he came to me and told about Guruji.

  • He asked me to chant the mantra and meditate on Gurudev and gave me a photo of Gurudevji. I bowed to Guruji in my mind and started mentally chanting the mantra.

  • I was treated at the Delhi Action Cancer Hospital for three months. During the treatment, I prayed to Gurudev and chanted the mantra as much as possible.

During the treatment my blood got infected and the doctor said that now the chances of my survival is 50-50. But Guruji blessed me and the infection was cured. Now I am fine by the grace of Gurudev.
  • Gurudev has given me a new life.

  • I want to tell everyone to meditate on Gurudev Ji and chant the mantra. He is kind and blesses all. Jai Shri GurudevJi.