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Grace of Gurudev Siyag


Balotra (Barmer)

Pooja is a rehearsal in Indian culture. In this rehearsal, there are three ways of preparation- By physically involving the body in worship, by chanting the mantras aloud, and mental worship. The worship in which the body remains fully active is called ‘Kaayak Puja’

  • If the worship is done by speaking aloud ,it becomes ‘Vachik’. The right method of worship and the most important one is mental worship. Mental worship is the simplest of all.

  • First and foremost, ‘Pranam’ to Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag and Dada Gurudev Baba Sri Gangainath Ji. In the year 2010, on ‘Guru Purnima’ I went to the ashram to touch Gurudev's feet for the first time.

The view there was very amazing and delightful. There was crowd everywhere. There was a big queue of disciples to touch Gurudev's feet.
  • I also stood in the queue. It was summer time, due to the heat, the condition of my body started deteriorating. After standing for three hours in the queue, I felt dizzy, and got angry many times in between thinking, when will this line end and when will it be my chance? Once I thought that I have seen Gurudev so I can go back but then the thought that I haven’t touched his feet motivated me to stand in the queue and wait for my turn.

  • My turn came. As soon as I touched the lotus feet of Gurudev, at that very moment, tiredness disappeared from my body as if a river had come to the dry desert!The desert which was thirsty for years, became full of water today. Electric current ran across my body. The body which was in darkness for years, became lighted today. By touching His holy feet, in this Kali Yuga, I got a feel of the Satyuga, Tretayuga and Dwapar Yuga. For a trivial person like me it is a matter of great pride that the creator of the Universe gave me discipleship. The joy of heaven also fades when compared to the joy I felt.

  • Today, people all over the earth are looking for God and God is in front of us in the form of Gurudev Siyag. His path is simple. One's faith and trust towards Gurudev should not change with the changing situations in life situations of life. This relationship depends on trust.After joining Gurudev’s Siddha Yoga, enjoyed a lot in meditation, in dreams, with open eyes and in many life events. Once in a dream, I felt Gurudev’s hand on my head and later I felt the weight of that hand which Gurudev had placed on my head for many months.

  • Gurudev's main mission and objective is to make Vedic philosophy a world philosophy. To make a sacrifice in this yajna, become a true seeker and disciple, following the path given by him. “All the distractions in my life should be removed” such should be a frequent prayer to God. Jai Gurudev!