Image Sambhuram Chaudhary

Sambhuram Chaudhary

A new lease of life by Gurudev’s grace


Sarnu, Barmer

Salutations to Gurudev. I am Sambhuram Chaudhary (Air Force), resident of Sarnu, Barmer. I have been meditating on Gurudev's picture since 1997.

  • After that I was initiated on 19 March 1998. I was selected in Air Force by the grace of Gurudev.

  • At every step, there was an assurance from within by Gurudev. ‘Son, you will be selected’-this voice used to come from the soul tremendously.

The doctors had already warned me that my ear curtains were not visible at all due to which my selection was doubtful. But I got selected by the grace of Gurudev.
  • After my marriage, in November 2007, there was a serious problem during the birth of my second child. Doctors said that 11 units of blood will be needed and even then, the chances of survival were very little.

  • I Prayed to Gurudev- ‘Lord! If you think it is right, save my wife.’ The doctors were surprised when she survived.

  • It was only by the grace of empowered Gurudev that my wife could escape from that serious problem.So, I and my family are indebted to Gurudev for his kindness.