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Tikamaram Chaudhary | (Teacher)

Freedom from mental stress, anxiety, phobias


Village - Lakhon ka Tala (Sarli) Barmer (Raj.)

I was weak in studies from the very beginning. I somehow managed to pass the Senior Secondary Examination and got admission in a college. When I was a second-year student, I suffered from mental illness.

  • The disease was so terrible that I even had to drop my studies. There was severe pain in crown area of my head. I couldn’t not sleep for more than an hour at night.

  • Whenever I saw a mad person, I would get soaked in sweat due to fear that I too would go mad. If I heard the news of death of a family member or friend, the whole body would tremble with fear for days. In such a situation, I went to the doctor.

The doctor after seeing me told me to take medicines for a week, but there was no improvement in my condition so the Doctor increased the dose.
  • I was fed up with this situation. I told my classmate and friend - Chandraprakash Chaudhary about my problem. He told me about Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag. I protested that when doctors cannot cure it with medicines, how will I be cured by meditation. By God’s grace Gurudev came to Barmer on 09 November 1995.

  • A program of Shaktipat initiation took place in the Gandhi Chowk School Campus. Out of curiosity I also reached there. Gurudev spoke about the Ashtanga yoga of Indian philosophy and Patanjali. I was a student of philosophy. Therefore, I fully understood this philosophy. But I did not meditate there because there was a fear that if my situation got worse, what would happen?

  • I came to my room and meditated at 5.30 am. I experienced Yogic Kriyas for the first time and I enjoyed it and became happy. After that I kept meditating regularly in the morning and evening. About 15 days later, I got complete relief from mental stress. I even forgot that I had such a disease too. I passed my exams in first class that year. Graduated with good marks and for PTET, I got selected from Bikaner College. During that one-year period of studying B.Ed., I got the opportunity to spend a lot of time in close proximity with Gurudev. Now I have no anxiety, tension, fear etc.

  • Here is my request to everyone that once you pray in front of Gurudev's picture with a pure heart and meditate, all your troubles will disappear.

  • A great Divine Power like Gurudev is rare to be found elsewhere in the world.