Image Dalpat Singh Rathore

Dalpat Singh Rathore

Grace of Gurudev!


Dalpat Singh Rathore, Village-Sarangwas, Tehsil-Sojat, District-Pali

It was about 10-12 years ago. I came to Jodhpur Ashram and sat down in the ashram hall to meditate on Gurudev. After meditating, I got up and saw Gurudev coming inside the hall.

  • I bowed at his feet and he placed his hand on my head and said, "You meditate for 15 minutes, I am coming back." I meditated again for 15 minutes. I sat quietly for some time after it was over.

  • Then when I felt normal, I went out of the hall and asked a Gurudev’s disciple when would Gurudev come back to the ashram’s hall? He said that Gurudev is in Mumbai.

I was surprised and I told him that a few minutes back Gurudev was here. He blessed me and asked me to meditate for 15 minutes and further said that he was coming back. The disciple said that Gurudev was in Mumbai for the last 10-12 days.
  • I did not believe him so I asked my friend and Gurudev’s disciple, Ramdayal Ji about it. He said that Gurudev was in Mumbai. Now I had to believe this.

  • I am very happy that today Gurudev blessed me by his presence when physically He was still in Mumbai. I am delighted. I salute the supremely merciful Gurudev again and again.