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Rambharose Yadav

Amazing power of Sanjeevani Mantra


Tehsil-Rajgarh District-Alwar (Raj.)

By Gurudev’s grace, my leg was saved from getting amputated.

  • My name is Rambharose Yadav, I am a resident of Rajgarh. I am working in Jodhpur since 1980. Life took a turn and suddenly in 2007, my right leg knee started paining and I was not able to even bend my leg and the leg remained straight.

  • I was on bed for about six months. I was very sad. There was unbearable pain. I showed it to almost all the doctors in Jodhpur. The doctors changed the medicines but I got no relief. Then I consulted a doctor from Ajmer, he gave some medicines and said that if there is no relief, then it will be operated and if needed then the leg will have to be amputated, and if one leg is amputated, after some time the other one may also have to be amputated. Even after eating medicines worth more than one lakh rupees, there was no relief.

Then I also took Ayurvedic medicines, but there was no relief from that too. Then Dr. Shivlal Yadav, an orthopaedic surgeon in AIIMS, Delhi, saw my reports, and said that it will have to be operated. He said that it will be an expensive surgery and asked me to come to Delhi. I asked "How much will it cost?" He said about 5-6 lakh rupees. Then I got the train tickets reserved to go to Delhi.
  • When I told this to my friend Gangaram ji, he said, "Well, there are still few days left to go to Delhi. Tomorrow (Thursday) there is a grand program of Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag at Adhyatma Vigyan Satsang Kendra, Jodhpur. Let's go there, maybe by the grace of Gurudev, your leg may be healed! I said "Gangaram ji, when the doctors have spoken of the operation, what is there that the Guruji has, that can fix my leg now." But he did not agree. He asked me to cancel the train tickets for his sake. I said "I can't walk, who will take me there?" My friend said not to worry about it and that he will take me in a rickshaw.

  • The next day Shri Gangaram Ji took me to the program. When we went there, the entire ground was packed with people. I asked Gangaram ji, “When will our turn come to meet Gurudev in such a crowded place?”I suggested to go back, because I was thinking that Guruji would tell the mantra in each individual’s ear. He said, "No, it won't take much time here, Gurudev will tell the same mantra to everyone from the dais. Now that you are here, sit down with faith and patience." So, my son, Gangaram ji and I, the three of us sat there.

  • When they announced that Gurudev was coming, I saw Gurudev coming from the second floor of the building. As soon as I saw Gurudev, I felt like "The Supreme Lord is coming down from the sky to earth and inside me an unlimited peace was felt.” The desire to go back vanished.

  • In the first look at Gurudev, there emerged a feeling of calmness and peace in the mind. Gurudev came and explained about Siddha Yoga philosophy, and said "Chant this Sanjeevani mantra intensively and meditate on my picture, no matter what kind of disease you have, it will be cured." After this, when he asked to meditate for fifteen minutes, everyone started meditating.

  • As soon as meditation session began, many practitioners started having spontaneous Yogic movements. Somebody was laughing loudly, someone was crying, someone was doing ‘pranayam’. Everybody was experiencing different kinds of Yogic Kriyas which were happening automatically. For me all this was a big wonder.I had never seen such a thing.

  • Then I noticed that my son was also undergoing automatic body movements and looking at him, I got scared and wondered what had happened to him. Seeing the automatic Yogic Kriyas, the silence and peace I had realized earlier, disappeared because of my fear. Gangaram ji asked us to be patient. As soon as Gurudev said that the time of fifteen minutes was over, everyone became calm and returned to the same condition as before. Then we got a picture of Gurudev and came home. After this, the concern I had about my disease disappeared. I was convinced that now my disease will be cured.

  • For seven-eight days, I kept chanting and meditating. Then one day, I got a call from the Railways office that I had to go to Udaipur for 60 days training, because I was at home for the last six months. On the ninth day of taking initiation I had to go to Udaipur.

  • On the same day at around 9:00 pm, I got ready as my bus was scheduled at 11:00 pm. My son was going to drop me at the bus stand. Before leaving, I thought of meditating as there was still some time. Keeping my legs straight, I sat in front of Gurudev's picture and started meditating.As soon as I started meditating, I suddenly stood up straight. A jerk was felt in my leg and then the leg straightened. A fireball came out of my leg, moving from knee to heel. The unbearable pain that I had in my leg disappeared. I started jumping and dancing loudly.
  • I saw Lord Krishna dancing in front of me, playing his flute. I said to him, “God come, come, please come to me. He was dancing while playing his flute but didn’t come near. Later, after my repeated calls, he came to me and entered my chest.

  • After this, I called Lord Shiva, looking at his picture which was hung in my house. I called out to him with all my heart, then Lord Shiva came out of the picture and entered into my head. Then Gurudev and Dada Gurudev (Baba Shri Gangainathji Yogi) appeared and sat on my right and left shoulders. My tongue spontaneously receded into the palate and I began to experience‘khechari mudra’ with the nectar juice dripping from above. The taste of that juice was so sweet that there is no such thing outside. I started sucking that juice. My chanting stopped and it changed into a tune. My children started screaming with joy and said, “Father, you are now well. Gurudev has fixed your leg.”

  • After that my leg was completely healed. Till today there is no pain. I had to throw medicines worth thousands of rupees because the medicines were of no use to me. The disease, which could not be cured by medicines worth lakhs of rupees, was completely eradicated by Gurudev’s mantra. Now I keep chanting the Sanjeevani Mantra all the time and meditate on the picture of Gurudev for fifteen minutes in the morning and evening.

  • All the members of my family took mantra initiation from Gurudev at the same time. My family is leading a happy life. I still run trains and inform people about Gurudev’s Siddha Yoga Philosophy.

  • Gurudev is the most merciful and most compassionate God who reversed my hellish life into a happy and healthy, joyful life. Had I got the operation done in Delhi and if it was not successful, I would have lost my leg due to amputation. One or both could have been amputated but by the immense grace of Gurudev, I became fully healthy. The operation cost of 5-6 lakhs also got saved.

  • After recovering completely, I tore away all the medicine prescriptions and medical reports. Now I feel that if I had kept the medical reports, it would have served as evidence for the world, but I am a living proof standing in front of the world.I have fully recuperated by chanting, meditating and by the immense grace of Gurudev.

  • There is another cancer patient incident. Her name is Rukmanidevi, a Christian woman. She worked as head clerk in the railways. She was suffering from throat cancer and she consulted Bombay Hospital in Mumbai and took medicines but got no relief. Doctors said that she will not live for more than six months. When a guard told me about her, I brought her to the ashram of Gurudev. She chanted and meditated after taking the mantra initiation. She recovered by chanting and regular meditation and after five to six years of service, is now retired. Siddha Yoga kills cancer.

  • I want to say to the mankind that chant the Sanjeevani Mantra given by Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag and meditate on his picture, your life will be blessed. I have met God in the form of Gurudev.