Image Mangalaram Dwivedi

Mangalaram Dwivedi

Freedom from the fear of death (Vision of Mahakal)


Mu. Po. Balesar Satta, Tehsil- Shergarh, -Jodhpur (Raj.)

I, Mangalaram Sharma, had the great fortune of receiving the Sanjeevani mantra initiation from respected Gurudev on 9 July 1992 in Bikaner. After that I have had many divine experiences, which are impossible for me to describe in words. But I would like to mention a few which have got imprinted on my mind.

  • One day after meditation, I fell asleep. In my sleep I felt my body tighten and I heard a loud voice from within saying, “I am taking you to Mahakal.” I have always been very scared of death. I used to get goosebumps just by hearing the word ‘death’. After sometime a subtle body came out of my body and started wandering in the dense darkness of the sky. When I looked back in that fearful state, Gurudev was coming behind me. This gave me courage.

  • Then ‘Mahakal’ appeared having matted hair and long beard. That fiery form of Mahakal, changed into the form of Gurudev. By the wonderful vision of Gururdev’s divine form full of ultimate opulence, my fear of death disappeared forever.

A few days later, I got a chance to read the Gita, in which Lord Krishna says that to destroy the wicked, he appears on earth in every era. This confirmed my belief that Gurudev is the incarnation of God who has appeared to destroy the men with evil tendencies.
  • Another strange incident happened in my life. History testifies that Meera was not affected by poison. When her husband gave the cup of poison, Meera drank it with full trust in Lord Krishna, the poison turned into nectar, Meera became more devoted than before. A similar incident happened in my mother’s life.

  • My father's mental state was not well. He used to say to my mother that he will kill her. One day he went to a shop that made iron bangles at Balesar station. From there, he picked up iron filings and secretly mixed it with some food items bought from the market. On coming home, he gave it to my mother to eat.

  • When my mother tried to share it with children, my father refused to share it. He said that it was brought only for her. My mother became doubtful so she prayed before the picture of Gurudev, “O Gurudev, I do not know anything. You please protect me.” And she ate it, but there was no reaction in her body, rather there was more energy than before. Seeing this situation, my father became more agitated.

  • After a few days, he grinded the glass pices finely and mixed it with sugar and gave it to my mother to drink. But my mother remained healthy even after drinking it. No symptoms of any disease. He was shocked. He wondered at what had happened? Mother had complete confidence in Gurudev's picture. One day my father told me that I gave iron and glass sawdust to kill your mother but she is still alive. I said that this is due to the blessings and protection of my revered Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag.

  • I said to my father, "If you meditate after taking initiation from my Gurudev, then you will be freed from addiction to opium." I told him the method of meditation, he started meditating on Gurudev. On the seventh day my father said, “Something has gone wrong with me. When I take opium, I vomit and if I do not take it, then the mind remains calm. I said that by the grace of Gurudev you have been freed from addiction to opium.

  • Today, life is blessed by Gurudev's grace.