Image Chandaram Godara

Chandaram Godara

Freedom from 12 years old opium addiction


Village Kanasar (Bhaniyana), district-Jaisalmer (Raj.)

I, Chandaram, am son of Mr. Sonaram Godara (Jat) and resident of Village-Kanasar (Bhaniana) Tehsil-Pokaran District Jaisalmer. Since January 1987, I have been doing the work of building houses. I was addicted to opium for the last 11 to 12 years. I was trying to quit opium for the last two years but got no success.

  • Took tablets and medicines to quit opium from the local Dr. Gorkharam of my village and did not take opium for eleven months. During this period, vomiting and diarrhea continued for two months, restlessness continued in the body for three to four months. Could not sleep at night. I became lazy. Did not even like to work.

  • Some friends suggested that if I drank liquor in the evening, I will get sound sleep at night. So, I started drinking alcohol. Earlier I did not drink tea but after quitting opium, I had headache all the time. So, I started drinking tea. After quitting opium, I started feeling tired, so I started smoking bidis, cigarettes to remove fatigue.

I got addicted to everything other than opium. I used to have a desire to eat opium all the time. Patience finally broke and after 11 months I took opium. Then I thought that now in this life I will never be able to leave opium.
  • I took a contract to build a house of former sarpanch Mr. Sangaram Saran in Kalau village. Work continued for 9–10 months. I used to go to his house every fifth day to give instructions to artisans. Finally came the task of building the floor of the house, which I had to do alone. There was a marriage in this family. Hence the task was to be completed quickly. He requested to complete the work by staying overnight and I accepted.

  • I had the habit of drinking alcohol before meals in the evening, but Sangaram Ji said that if you look at the picture of our Gurudev and take the name of God in your mind, then you will be freed from addiction to opium and alcohol. I meditated for 15 minutes on the first day and I enjoyed very much. And my interest in Siddha Yoga was awakened from day one.

  • I used to sit and meditate with Sangaram ji in the morning and evening. When I went home in the evening on the third day, there was a desire to drink alcohol. I drank, but there was no intoxication, so I went in, brought another bottle and drank but did not feel intoxicated at all. It felt like I drank water. So, in my heart I felt that there is definitely some power in Guruji.

  • Woke up early in the morning the next day and left the house without taking opium. Drank morning and afternoon tea and kept working. After that day, I started hating opium, alcohol and cigarette.

  • I finally took initiation from Gurudev on 24 April 2008 in Bikaner. After taking initiation from Gurudev all my problems have been resolved, what appeared impossible became possible. Life has become meaningful and peaceful.