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Krishna Sharma

Freedom from Migraine and Prostate problem


Jhotwada, Jaipur - 302012 (Rajasthan), INDIA

I (Shri Krishna Sharma) was suffering from Migraine for the last 15 years and then I got the prostate problem in 2009. I had taken initiation from Gurudev on 23 March, 2000 but I never used to meditate.

  • When programs of Gurudev were organised in Jaipur in Feb-Mar’2010 after that I started doing meditation and chanting. I prayed to Gurudev to cure my diseases.

  • Today because of his blessings my life, which was earlier dependent on medicines, is now free from it and I am now leading a happy life.

My life has changed. Where ever I go, I talk about Gurudev. My niece who lives in Bhilwara had developed knots in uterus and doctors had advised an operation. She called me and started crying. I told her about Gurudev and sent the CD with Sanjeevani Mantra in Gurudev’s voice after explaining the method of meditation
  • She practiced it with all sincerity and went to the doctor after a month for a check up. After doing the tests doctor confirmed that there weren’t any knots and the operation was averted.

  • So, I request everyone to surrender to Gurudev Shri Siyag Ji because He is God himself who has incarnated on earth to save the mankind.

  • Reference: Spiritual Science Magazine April - May 2013