Image Jyoti Verma

Jyoti Verma

Ovarian Cancer Cured


House no. 86-A, Vijay Nagar, Bhagat Ki Kothi, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, INDIA

I (Jyoti Verma) first of all bow to my Gurudev who changed my hellish life and made it healthy and peaceful. Nobody can foretell when the problems are going to strike in life. After marriage I faced a lot of problems due to my health issues.

  • Stomach ache prompted me to visit the doctors. This in turn lead to the chain of tests which finally confirmed that I had Ovarian cancer. It was operated. Later the second ovary also was confirmed to be affected from cancer by Tata Memorial Hospital

  • I was advised to go for another operation. This shattered me as it led to the loss of any hope of experiencing motherhood ever in my life. I was under stress and tension all the time.

A resident of Jodhpur, Shri Gangaram Bairwa, informed me about Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga and explained the method of meditation. So far, we had spent thousands of rupees with no result. Now I started meditating regularly on Gurudev’s image.
  • And by Gurudev’s command also visited Baba Gangainathji Yogi’s samadhi at Jamsar and prayed. Later when another test was done by the doctors, cancer was no where to be found.

  • So, by Gurdev’s grace the operation of the second ovary was averted. Now by His grace my life is happy and I am completely healthy. I bow at the lotus feet of such a compassionate and merciful Guru.

  • Reference: Spiritual Science magazine - December 2010