Image Gokalaram Chaudhary (Teacher)

Gokalaram Chaudhary (Teacher)

Freedom from mental stress and unknown fears


S/o of Shri Naranaram Chaudhary, Village -Baytu Chamanji, Tehsil. Baitu, District Barmer (Raj.)

I took initiation from Gurudev at Sir Pratap Senior Secondary School, Jodhpur, in 1994-95. I had mental illness due to which I used to have excessive headaches, unknown fear, restlessness, panic attacks and at the same time my body pained all the time.

  • I met many Tantriks but got no resul.Then met a priest and got some religious rituals done at his advice but my troubles did not end.

  • Then I came to Jodhpur to show myself at Mathura Das Mathur Hospital. Got the psychiatric treatment from G.D Kulwal, but suffering continued. I got addicted to tablets. I had such a severe pain if I did not take medicines that I felt as if my body would explode.

But Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag gave me another life. By meditating and chanting the Sanjeevani mantra, I got rid of my mental problems without medicines and I became normal and healthy.
  • Today I am healthy and I am living the new life given by Gurudev with joy.

  • During Gurudev's meditation, I see different supernatural colors, saffron-clad monks, rising sun, mountainous regions, flowers being showered by the DemiGods. Smell supernatural fragrance during meditation and experience various postures and Yogic Kriyas during meditation.

  • I salute my Gurudev.