Image Hiraram Godara (Teacher)

Hiraram Godara (Teacher)

Freedom from Phobia & stress and living a joyful life


Jogasar, Saini ki Dhani, Baytu (Barmer) (Raj.)

I took initiation on August 31, 1995 at Sur Pratap School, Jodhpur. On the same day, I found mental peace during meditation which remained for many days. Pranayam started automatically during meditation. As I was suffering from constipation, gout, palpitations, depression, phobias etc., my social development had stopped. But after taking initiation from Gurudev, there was a feeling of great peace by chanting and meditation.

  • I had read many books of Indian philosophy before: - Ramayana, Geeta, Kalyan, Swami Ramsukhdas ji's discourses, Akhand-Jyoti magazine by Shanti Kunj, Osho literature, Kabir, Jain philosophy etc. Tried to follow the paths mentioned in it, even fasted, went for pilgrimages, visited temples. Tried all this but there was no peace.

  • In 1994 from Jodhpur Ashram, monthly newspaper was published under the name "Savitadeva-Sandesh". My younger brother Ummedaram brought me a copy of it. It had the description of people's experiences, read them. So, I came half-heartedly at the ashram by Guru Kripa.

Gurudev came at the right time in simple dress. Gurudev explained in detail the philosophy. He told to close the eyes and focus his image at ‘agyachakra’ and chant the Sanjeevani mantra. By practicing only this, I experienced rare peace, joy & happiness. Pranayama occurred.
  • Tears flowed out of my eyes. Due to feeling better, could pay attention to household work, started enjoying the life of a householder. Immediately after a few days of initiation, while sleeping, I saw Gurudev pressing his right thumb on my ‘agyachakra’ in my dream.

  • My self-confidence increased and I feel happy all the time. Now I got connected with love.

  • After Gurudev came into my life, the family situation improved a lot and have found an overall satisfaction, peace and a heart forever filled with joy. Jai Gurudev!