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Dhau Devi

Freedom from Throat Cancer


Dhau Devi | Wife of Achal Ram, Village-Ramsar (Kalau) Tehsil: Shergarh, District Jodhpur (Raj.)

When pain in my throat became constant, my husband took me to the Health Center in the village, the compounder there gave some medicines. When I took the medicines, the pain would disappear and later the pain would come back. This way I was treated for several months at the village Health Center, but to no avail.

  • As the pain continued and the swelling in the throat increased, my family showed me at Mathura Das Mathur Hospital. The doctor checked and the report declared that I had cancer of the throat. The doctors advised chemotherapy after hospitalization so my family members admitted me to Mathura Das Mathur Hospital.

  • I was kept in the hospital for a month and 20 days and was given 30 chemotherapies. My body became very weak due to chemotherapy and I did not even have the strength to get up and sit.

The doctors said that we have done the treatment, now take her home and continue the medicines as complete cure of cancer is not possible.
  • My condition was getting worse, I couldn’t even swallow food. My brother-in-law Kastura Rama told me to worship Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag and said that incurable diseases are cured by meditating on Him. There is an ashram of Gurudev in the village Kalau, adjacent to my village. He took me there, the disciples of Gurudev living there told me to focus on Gurudev’s picture and asked me to meditate and said that if you regularly meditate on his picture, your cancer will be cured.

  • I did the same. I installed Gurudev's photo in my home and started meditating every morning and evening in front of the photo. During meditation, yoga started happening to me and slowly the swelling in the throat started to disappear and I started eating food, there was no obstruction in the throat.

  • In this way I kept meditating on Gurudev continuously and went to Jodhpur on 28 Aug’ 2008 and took initiation from Gurudev. After that I continued chanting and meditation as told. And now I am absolutely healthy. I eat food three times a day and do all the household work at home. Gurudev has given me a new life. So, for me Gurudev is God.