Image Ranaram Luhar

Ranaram Luhar

Vision of Universal Power Kundalini


Village- Kalibari, Tehsil-Sursagar District-Jodhpur

First and foremost, I salute and bow to Gurudev. Gurudev has changed my life. I have had amazing experiences while meditating on Gurudev.

  • Once during meditation, I saw a similar body like mine separate from my body. Then this body transformed into mantra, and the mantra started circling above my head. And this situation lasted for three days.

  • Then the mantra changed to snake form and the snake started repeating the mantra.

In many pictures of Lord Vishnu, just like a huge snake is seen as a parasol, a similar snake appeared on my head. At times, Gurudev is seen as the child form of Shri Krishna.
  • Once I saw him riding a horse with a sword in his hand. Once Gurudev was seated on a huge pedestal and a huge snake covered him like an umbrella. Sometimes sound of drum is heard in meditation.

  • Once a terrible snake appeared in meditation, its voice was so loud and terrible that the whole earth trembled.

  • Gurudev is the Kalki Bhagawan who has appeared in a simple white colour disguise.