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Mahendra Kumar Prajapat

Freedom from stones by meditation on Gurudev's photo


S/o Kojaram Prajapat Village Kumbhara Tahsil.-Bhopagarh, Jodhpur

In 2006, when I was studying in class 10, and staying at Vivekananda Hostel, Bhopalgarh, Ganeshram Ji Jakhar told us about Gurudev's meditation. He said that by his meditation, one gets complete freedom from incurable diseases and addiction to all kinds of drugs, and one can see the future too. Then he asked us to meditate for 15 minutes.

  • In meditation, my body felt a kind of vibration. From that day, I felt a sense of belonging to Gurudev that is impossible to put in words.

  • From that day onwards, my love for Gurudev grew. On June 6, 2008, I went to Jodhpur and took initiation from Gurudev.

  • On June 16, 2008, I ate yogurt in the morning and left for school. I did not know that there was a lizard in the curd. It so happened that the lizard fell from the top while heating the milk on the stove. Milk was also only about half a litre and it was set to make curd.

  • I ate as per my requirement and left a little bit of it. When I reached school, I got a call from home enquiring if I was having any problem as I had eaten curd with lizard in it.

  • I said that my life will be protected by Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag. When I came home, my mother was worried but when she saw that I was completely healthy, she was relieved. Since then, her reverence for Gurudev grew. Not even the terrible poison affected me. This explains how Meerabai was not affected by poison

I realized that Gurudev's power resides with the disciple every moment and protects him.
  • On September 11, 2008, my sister and my father also got initiated from Gurudev.

  • My mother is not yet initiated, she also meditates on Gurudev's photo. My mother had a stone complaint for a long time. Even after considerable treatment, there was no difference. I told my mother to pray to Gurudev and she started praying to Gurudev. One day the stone went out with urine by itself.

  • From that day on, we have complete faith in Gurudev. The divine power of Gurudev protects us all the time.