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Patasi Devi

Freedom from pain due to slip-disc



I used to visit many deities before taking initiation from Gurudev. My body was infested with many demonic powers due to which my throat got choked many times. The body used to remain unconscious for long time. I used to sleep for 7-8 days at a stretch. Even if I had eaten lots of chapattis, I did not feel that I had taken any food.

  • There was no power left in the body. I couldn’t even lift a glass of water. For this, the doctors gave a lot of treatment. The doctor gave sleeping pills and said, "There is no disease of any kind. Take rest."

  • Once I had pain in my back, took medicines for one year but it didn’t help. Thus, my life was full of sufferings.

One day a disciple of Samarth Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag, who is a friend of my husband, told us about Gurudev. He took us to Gurudev to get initiated.
  • After taking initiation, I came home. I am an illiterate so I neither understood anything about the mantra nor did I remember the mantra but the next day at 5 am in the morning the mantra itself started in sleep within me. Since then I have been doing Gurudev's meditation and have been chanting the mantra.

  • After this, my pain increased. I went to the ashram and met Guruji and explained my problem. He asked me to throw away the amulets. Guruji said that " Someone has been living in your body for long, then it hurts to empty the house.”

  • After that whenever Guruji is in the ashram, I go to see him. In the meantime, I was addicted to tea. Suddenly I lost interest in tea. Then slowly I started recovering by Gurudev's meditation. After 6-7 years, there was a sudden pain in the waist. The doctors said that I had slip-disc. Told me to relax and take medicines. MRI report showed slip disk in L2.

  • I used to do my daily work with the help of someone. And I used to think mentally that now I will never be able to get up and do my own work. Then I also took other treatments from neurophysicians, orthopaedics, acupuncture for 6 months, but there was no difference.

  • My body started feeling very tired. As soon as I used to take medicines, my body ache used to increase. One day Guruji was in the ashram. Yogic Kriyas started as soon as I sat for meditation and then in that state, I went to meet Gurudev in the ashram. Gurudev placed his hand on my head and said lovingly, everything will be alright, stop all medicines and take rest. Then I gave up all the medicines and kept chanting the Sanjeevani mantra due to which many yogic kriyas continued in my body. And now I am all right. I do not even take medicines. Now my back pain is cured. There is no worry.

  • Therefore, it is a request to all of you readers that all diseases are cured gradually by meditating on Gurudev and by chanting the Sanjeevani mantra. It is important to be patient. Jai Gurudev!