Image Chandraprakash Modi

Chandraprakash Modi

By the grace of Gurudev, son was born.


Mahavir Nagar, Extension Scheme, Kota

I never thought that in this life there will be such a Guru who will be a form of God (Kalki incarnation). I bow before Gurudev. I was interested in spirituality from the beginning. I used to meditate and worship God and Goddesses.

  • Once I read about Kundalini in a book that by its awakening a person can become Narayan (God), but this can be done only by the grace of a capable Guru.

  • Life was going on when one day I got a golden opportunity to meet Gurudev.

There is a shop near our house where I met Rajkumar Khandelwalji who called me inside and gave information about Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag and gave a pamphlet that had a picture of Gurudev and he said that meditating on his picture ends all the problems of life.
  • So, I meditated at home as told by him and I started feeling better. A joy was felt through out the day. I felt that I had found my destination.

  • I have been married for almost three years. But I had no child. I was upset because of this. I consulted the doctors, enquired from astrologers and did everything that was advised by them but did not get the results.

  • I took initiation at Jodhpur ashram on 31 December 2009 and prayed the same day - O Gurudev! I have no children, if by your grace I have children, then my faith and family's faith in you will become firm. Then by Gurudev's grace just after nine month my son, Ratna, was born. The entire family became happy and felt extremely grateful to Gurudev.

  • Right now, I meditate regularly and experience Yogic Kriyas. Now I tell everyone about this philosophy. My wife did not understand so much about Gurudev earlier. I used to ask her to meditate but she did not believe in any Guru. But after having children, she has become completely devoted. She said that when her child was born, Gurudev appeared near her bed in the hospital and gave his blessings.

  • Now there is firm faith that Gurudev cares for everyone at all times. There is complete freedom from all kinds of sufferings. I offer my obeisance’s to such a compassionate Gurudev. Jai Gurdev!