Image Dr. Shravan Kodecha

Dr. Shravan Kodecha

Relief from mental stress


Homoeopathic Doctor, Government Hospital, Barmer

I took initiation from Gurudev on 15 February 2002 in Baytu (Barmer). I took this initiation at the behest of my elder brother Sahib Devi Lal Kodecha. He brought Gurudev's big picture and told me to keep it in my room.

  • At that time, I was a B.H.M.S second year student. Being in the field of medicine, I did not believe in these things. In Dabok (Udaipur), I used to live with three C.I.D men. They used to meditate on Gurudev and when I told them that I had taken initiation, they advised me to meditate every day.

  • I meditated for about 15-20 days. Then I stopped meditating. When the foundation stone of the Barmer Ashram was laid, Gurudev had come to Barmer. That day I also went there and I prayed to Gurudev in my own mind that if I am not able to meditate today, I will not meditate on you all my life nor would I recommend to anyone else.

As soon as Gurudev said, “Now concentrate for 15 minutes.” I closed my eyes and started meditating, my two hands started clapping and the whole body started shaking in different ways during meditation. I felt joy.
  • As soon as the meditation was over, I accepted Gurudev wholeheartedly, and have been meditating continuously since that day

  • Earlier I used to worry a lot about my future, and was afraid of doing anything new. When I used to go to sleep at night, I was engrossed in thoughts for 1-2 hours.

  • There was lack of self-confidence and had a lot of anger within me, but by meditating continuously, I no longer have any kind of concern. With the grace of Gurudev, I took charge as a homeopathic doctor in the state hospital Barmer on January 21, 2008.

  • I tell people about Siddha Yoga and about Gurudev. If the disease is not curable by medicines, I tell them about Gurudev's meditation. Regards at the feet of Gurudev.