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Amazing Improvement in Brain Tumor by Siddha Yoga


D/O Shri Narsinga Ram Meghwal, Village - Modian Khurd, Osian, Jodhpur

Greetings to Gurudev. I am a teacher by profession and I considered a saint of Ahmedabad as my Guru for 16 years.

  • I got my daughter operated for brain tumor at Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad on 15 November 2009 but to no avail. After that in December 2009, my daughter got epilepsy. I got her checked at Manidhari Hospital, Jodhpur where the doctors said that she had brain tumour.

  • The doctors of the civil hospital suggested an operation. I refused the operation and went to meet the saint in Jaipur on 30 July 2012. When I met him then his physician, gave Ayurvedic medicines for 18 months but did not get any special benefit. On August 2013, I did CT scan again, the tumour had not decreased in size.

  • Later in October of 2013, went to the AIIMS, New Delhi, the doctors gave a possible date in July.

My colleagues Shri Amaram Gehlot and Shri Laxman Ram Chaudhary who were initiated by Gurudev Siyag had asked me to meet Gurudev several times before but I didn’t believe them easily as I had a Guru for 16 years. Even when that Guru was put behind bars, my reverence remained as such for him.
  • Then my colleagues told me that if I didn’t agree now, then they will take my daughter to Gurudev. Then I accepted and came to the ashram on 21 November 2013 and took mantra initiation by CD.

  • Since then there has been remarkable improvement in the health of my daughter. Now I and my daughter both meditate in the morning and chant the mantra all the time.

  • I now believe that the brain tumor will disappear in due course. My heartfelt gratitude to both my colleagues and my respectful greetings to Gurudev.


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