Image Rohit Yadav

Rohit Yadav

Relief from migraine


Village - Chimanpura, Tehsil - Shahpura (Jaipur)

First and foremost, salutations to Samarth Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag and Dada Gurudev Baba Shri Gangainathji Mahayogi (Brahmaleen).

  • I have been suffering from severe headaches for last several years. Three years ago, doctors told me that I had migraine and that there was no cure for it". I used to go to them every week and bring medicines.

  • Many a times, I could not sleep even after taking sleeping pills. Then I joined English Department of Rajasthan Central University in July 2012. Almost a year passed in pain. I was not able to study due to headaches.

My classmates Pankaj and Subodh told me about Gurudev’s Siddha Yoga meditation but I did not pay attention to what they said. A few days later I went to their room in the college hostel in the evening. He was meditating and was undergoing Yogic kriyas while meditating. I asked him about Gurudev’s picture and yogic kriyas.
  • Then my classmate Subodh told me how to meditate and I started meditating as he told me. I heard the mantra in Gurudev's voice from the CD the same day. And I started chanting and meditating.

  • Yogic movements started from the same day. Then in July 2013 we went to attend the program of Guru-Purnima at Jodhpur Ashram and saw Gurudev ji.

  • On that day I meditated for half an hour and felt divine joy. I felt a strange kind of joy and peace after meeting Gurudev.

  • I am very healthy since then. Once again, I bow at the feet of my merciful Gurudev