Image Gajendra Kumar Sen

Gajendra Kumar Sain | Senior Teacher (Science)

Vision of Vast form of Gurudev


Residence 1-D-11 New Housing Board, Pali Marwar (Raj.)

I and my family members offer our humble obeisance’s to Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag Saheb and Dada Gurudev. I along with my family took initiation from Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag on Thursday, 27 September 2007. After receiving initiation, our hearts were filled with joy and it is still the same till today.

  • We used to worship Lord Sainath. We prayed to him to help us meet a true Guru who would solve all our problems. This wish was granted very quickly.

  • Now it seems that Gurudev is near us all the time. The day I took initiation, while meditating in the premises of the ashram, I saw the great form of Lord Krishna, which I never used to think about. Once I reached home after taking initiation, I placed the picture of Gurudev and Dada Gurudev on the altar.

On 28th Sept’ 2007, in the morning while I was meditating, I saw Sai Baba who transformed into Lord Krishna and the light coming out of his hand was reaching me through Gurudev. After a while, I saw Gurudev clapping while chanting mantras.
  • One day during meditation, I saw Pujya Gurudev in his vast form standing in front of a cave with fire blazing in front of him and I was sitting in front of that fire. On September 29, 07, in the evening meditation, horses were coming out of the same cave and Gurudev was seated on each of the horses.

  • On 15 October'2007, a wonderful incident happened. I was meditating in a room and the door of the room was open. As soon as my wife entered the room, she heard the hum of 'Om' while my lips were closed. Then slowly Yogic Kriyas started.

  • My wife is also chanting and meditating. She had the problem of asthma, which has been cured now. In short, what I want to say is; we can never sing enough glories of our revered Gurudev's Leela.

  • It is my request to everyone to meditate and chant the Sanjeevani Mantra according to Gurudev’s instructions and life will change for the better and all your problems will be solved automatically. Gurudev is God.