Image Shubhendu


Arrival of Gurudev in my life


District - Ludhiana (Punjab)

I was living a hellish life, did not have any hopes from life. I prayed to God, "Oh God!" either give death or help me meet a Samarth Guru." I searched the net on the same day and do not know how Gurudev's website opened and I found Samarth Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag.

  • Today I feel that there is strength in a compassionate prayer and it is heard very quickly. Came to Jodhpur Ashram on Thursday, 15 May 2014.My entire family felt blessed after meeting Gurudev. First and foremost, my humble obeisances at the lotus feet of Gurudev and Dada Gurudev .

  • My name is Shubhendu. Earlier I used to be physically and mentally ill. I was so sick that I did not have any chance to survive.

Doctors used to give medicines. Due to its influence, I used to sleep. I used to pray a lot to God for a real Guru who would guide my life. One day I started searching for Guruji online. Suddenly I saw a picture of Shri Gurudev Ji. I saw his video and also heard his voice and felt instantly that I cannot get a better Guruji than Him.
  • From the same day my confidence started increasing. Then I received the Sanjeevani mantra from Guru ji from internet and started chanting it continuously and started meditating. And after that my illness and problems went away.

  • My Gurudev has immense grace on me. Now I do not have any kind of disease. Guru ji protects me at every moment and keeps guiding me. I also told my parents and my sister about Guru ji and they too started doing it. During meditation my sister suddenly had visions of Vishnu in Guruji's eyes. During meditation, I get various sensations and see Guruji in divine forms.

  • One day my mother had a severe back pain due to which she was not able to sleep. I went to her and asked her to remember Guruji. She had not taken mantra initiation then. She began to blindly remember Guruji. Suddenly she became sleepy and her pain went away. My father's nervousness and blood pressure problem improved with Guruji's meditation and mantra chanting.

  • My mother had lost all hopes of my life and used to worry a lot but Gurudev's arrival in the family has made life happy and peaceful. Gurudev loves us so much that we do not know how to glorify him. My desolate and hellish life was transformed to divinity by ‘Kalki Bhagwan’, my Gurudev. My Guru is God.