Image Bimala Devi

Bimala Devi

Freedom from chronic allergies & arthritis


Village – Gaduwas, District - Alwar (Raj.)

First and foremost, salutations at the feet of Gurudev. The allergies and joint pains had troubled me a lot. I took a lot of prescription medicines. But there was no satisfaction. Felt relaxed when I took medicines; I used to experience pain as soon as I stopped the medicines.

  • Due to allergies, I could not do any household work. There was unbearable pain at the time of doing any household work, but there was no remedy.

  • The family was very upset because even my clothes had to be cleaned by them. I could not do any work and due to joint pain, I could not even walk properly. My life was painful in every way. Luckily, I went to Ramanand Yadav's house one day for some work, he told me about Gurudev's meditation and chanting and also gave me a photo of Gurudev.

I started meditating on Gurudev from the same day. Gradually my meditation became better and better. I started feeling relaxed, now I am absolutely healthy with Gurudev's meditation and chanting.
  • My hands have become healthy as before and the stiffness in the feet due to arthritis has gone.

  • I also advise all of you to seek shelter at the feet of Gurudev. I salute such a merciful Gurudev again and again.