Image Padma Devi Sharma

Padma Devi Sharma

White cataract cured by Gurudev’s grace


Jayaprakash Nagar, Ghonda, Delhi.

First of all, salutations at the holy feet of Samarth Gurudev and Dada Gurudev. I am Padmadevi Sharma, age 64,from Delhi.

  • I came to know about Gurudev when I went to the village Bhupkheda, Bahrod (Raj) for my younger sister's son's wedding in January 2010.

  • The entire family of my sister meditates on Gurudev. I too have Gurudev's CD. I started meditating after the mantra initiation and after a few days, yogic kriyas like yawning started happening and then deep meditating occured.

I could not see clealry with my eyes. When I got my eyes examined at Chandan Devi Hospital Janakpuri, New Delhi, the doctor said that I had cataract in both eyes and advised to have the operation done.
  • But because I had surrendered completely at the feet of Gurudev therefore, I did not get the operation done and kept doing regular meditation and chanting. During meditation, water was dripping from my eyes. Six months later, when I got my eyes tested again at Saraf Hospital, Daryaganj, the doctor said that my eyes were perfectly healthy and that I no longer had cataract.

  • I now see clearly. I can now place thread in the needle's eye without glasses.

  • This change was possible only through Gurudev's grace. I bow repeatedly at the lotus feet of such a supremely compassionate Gurudev.