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Gavendra Singh

Freedom from the sufferings of Brain Hemorrhage


Indian Navy, Mumbai

I (Gavendra Singh) am working in the Indian Navy. In November of 2011, I underwent a surgery due to brain hemorrhage. I lost my memory and there was difficulty in speaking.

  • I was in the hospital, during this time a patient told that if you go to the garden in the evening and meditate, you will recover. I started meditating in the garden after a Gurubhai explained the method of Gurudev Siyag’s meditation.

  • After two-three days I started having Yogic Kriyas. I started patting my knees and moving my lips. Due to the movement of lips, my stutter almost stopped.

One night, I felt as if that was my last day on earth. I started feeling very scared. At that moment Gurudev appeared in front of me and gave me water to drink. My stomach got filled with water and water came up to my nose.
  • Gurudev continued giving me water. I started praying to Gurudev. I was neither in dream nor asleep. Gurudev was standing near me. Later Gurudev appeared on a bed of ‘Sheshnag’ and then I fainted.

  • Three days later my eyes opened. This incident happened when I was in Karwar Hospital. Then once when I was in Ashwini Hospital, Gurudev appeared and gave me water and stayed with me till four in the morning.

  • After that I became more devoted to Gurudev. I started chanting the mantra intently and meditating regularly. My life has been changed by this Siddha Yoga. There is peace of mind. There is boundless bliss. The mind remains very happy.

  • I am constantly meditating on Gurudev and I am healthy now. Gurudev gave me a new birth. I bow to such a kind and merciful Gurudev repeatedly.