Image Viram Singh Rathore

Viram Singh Rathore

Relief from stomach pain & change in tendencies


Village- Varia Post- Mewanagar (Nakoda) Barmer

First of all, I bow at the feet of His Holiness Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag. I am grateful to Gurudev for giving shelter to a petty creature like me at his lotus feet.

  • I was suffering from stomach problems and my stomach used to hurt a lot due to a severe injury while playing. Doctors said that my small intestine was badly affected. He told me to go to Ahmedabad and get the operation done. My parents are dead and I had no money. I wondered where to get the money from and how to get the operation done? This was a big problem.

  • My neighbour, Mr. Jogendra Sharma, told me that if I meditated on Guruji's picture, then my disease can be cured. I did not believe at all that by sitting in front of a picture diseases can be cured, but I had no alternative. Thinking this, I sat in his room in the evening and meditated. He told me to keep chanting the name -Guru-Guru in my mind.

  • As soon as I sat for meditation, I started experiencing Yogic Kriyas. I experienced Yogic kriyas of neck and stomach. After the meditation got over, I felt some relief and I realized that there is some truth in it.

  • When I slept at night, then there was an invisible conversation for ten minutes within me, I was listening. In the end there was an inspiration from within to go to Jodhpur. It was 2001. I had never been to Jodhpur and there was no money with me. I woke up in the morning and went to school to borrow Rs. 200/. When I asked for money at the school office, I was refused. Frustrated, I left for my room from school and started thinking about how to arrange the money and who do I ask for it and who would give it? Just then, a boy came running from behind and said that I was being called by a senior teacher. When I went there, he gave me 200 rupees.

I was very happy and came back to my room. Then I took the address from Jogendra ji and left for Jodhpur. I went to the ashram; I felt a divine bliss when Guruji told me the Sanjeevani mantra and I meditated. After that my stomach ache was cured.
  • Earlier, I used to eat meat and drink alcohol occasionally, but today even in the house where meat is made, I do not eat food. There has been a complete change in my tendencies. Earlier I used to earn Rs 700 per month and today I earn Rs. 12000/.

  • The ‘tamsik’ powers that used to bother me a lot have gradually become silent. I have also experienced ‘Khechari Mudra’.

  • Even hunger and thirst do not bother me anymore. There were many spiritual experiences in life by the grace of Shri Guruji.

  • My life was hellish, which has now become blissful. I pray to Guruji to keep giving me wisdom and grace.