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Kamlesh Kumar Sharma

Freedom from demonic powers (Ghosts)


Kamlesh Kumar Sharma, Jaipur (Raj.)

First of all, salutations to Gurudev and Dada Gurudev Baba Shri Gangainath Ji Yogi (Brahmaleen). I came to know about Gurudev on 17 October 2014 by Gurudev's disciple, Shri Verma ji. He gave me a photo of Guruji and told me the method of meditation.

  • I started meditating on the evening of 17 October 2014 and I told my wife and children about this as well. For almost 15 years my family was facing terrible problems in life.

  • I tried to get free from them by visiting many pundits and astrologers etc. Measures were also taken according to what they said, but our problems increased.

  • Money was taken in the name of treatment in many places but the treatment was not done and my financial situation also worsened because of these unnecessary spendings.

On the night of 17 October 2014, I meditated in the evening in front of Gurudev’s photo, following the instructions written on the back of the photo. After that all the people of the house ate and slept. We had removed and thrown away all the amulets and ‘tabeej’ in the house after my meeting with Verma ji.
  • Around twelve o'clock in the night, ghosts started scaring my wife. We could not sleep and in the morning, everyone prayed to Gurudev.

  • I told Verma ji what happened over the phone. Around 6:30 pm, he called me at his home and gave me a picture of Guruji and a CD containing the initiation mantra of Guruji and asked me to meditate after listening the mantra.

  • On 18 October 2014 we did a thorough cleaning of the house. The picture of Guruji was established and all the members of the house took mantra initiation after watching the CD. And from 18 October 2014, my wife and I started meditating and chanting regularly. From the same day (18 October 2014) we were freed from the shackles of those ghosts (Tamasic powers).

  • I started having yogic kriyas. Gurudev has showered immense grace on us by freeing us from above troubles. All of us have received a new life. Now we have no problem and all the members of the house remain fear free. We are blessed.