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Indra Devi

Blessed with a child after 26 years of marriage


Indra Devi W/O Shri Neemaram Vishnoi (teacher) Sondi, Barmer (Raj.)

Once I was trying to sleep at night. As I was not asleep so keeping my eyes closed, I was chanting the Sanjeevani Mantra given by Gurudev. After a while, a big picture of Lord Krishna appeared in front of the eyes. After that, Lord Krishna appeared as a small child with a flute in his hand.

  • I bowed with folded hands and then HE said that whatever I faced in life was due to the actions of previous births, and then He disappeared. After that I saw that actually both my hands were still folded.

  • Once I stood in front of Gurudev's picture and started praying. As I had suffered so much in life, I started crying in front of Gurudev's photo because I was feeling very grateful to Gurudev for coming in my life and freeing us from so many problems.

Then I moved away from Gurudev’s picture and started chanting with closed eyes. After sometime I saw Lord Shri Krishna appearing from Gurudev’s picture in the form of a child and then he started playing with me just like a child plays with his mother.
  • It was in November 2013, I was sleeping in our house in Nagaur. At around 12–1 o'clock in the night, I saw a dream in which revered Gurudev placed a child wrapped in a khaki cloth on my lap and I kept looking at that child for a long time.

  • Once in January 2014, I went to sleep after meditating and praying in the evening in front of Gurudev's photo. After midnight, I saw in my dream that I was going up and on my way to a palace, where there was a garden with greenery and beautiful flowers and the view was very captivating and supernatural.

  • Lord Shri Krishna wearing a peacock crown was seated on a throne in that palace and his face was radiating magnificently. Radha ji was sitting nearby.

  • When I went to pay obeisance at his lotus feet, my eyes were filled with tears. God saw my condition, and I saw that tears were flowing from Lord Krishna's eyes and he said,“You have seen a lot of pain, now your wish will be fulfilled.” Then Radha ji gave a baby girl made of clay with two small plaits. When the girl was given in my hand, Lord Krishna asked if I was happy now? I am absolutely happy with whatever God gives me by His own will. After that, Lord Shri Krishna and Radhika ji disappeared. A baby girl was born on August 23, 2014, exactly nine months after this dream.

  • In this way, after 26 years, respected Gurudev filled my life with happiness and joy. I again bow countless times at the lotus feet of our revered Gurudev and Dada Gurudev.