Image Shivkant Pathak

Shivkant Pathak

Relief from Epilepsy


Surat (Gujarat)

First and foremost, I salute at the lotus feet of Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag and Dada Gurudev Baba Shri Gangainath Ji Yogi and pray that my entire life should be spent under his care and guidance.

  • I, Shivkant Pathak, work in Surat and have been associated with Gurudev since 2009. When Gurudevji came to Surat in 2009 for the initiation program, I took the initiation mantra from Guruji. From the second day of taking the initiation, I started having yogic kriyas.

  • Guruji has appeared in many forms to me. Gurudev came in my dream three days before the Initiation program. In my dream, I washed his feet and sprinkled that water in the house and took ‘charanamrita’.

  • At first, I used to do meditation regularly but then I stopped meditating for a few days but due to Guruji's grace my connection with Guruji could not be broken and I started doing meditation again.

Guruji is God. Whatever way I describe him, it falls short. What can a small devotee like me write about Guruji? He is the sustainer of the whole world. All the diseases are cured by intensive chanting of the Sanjeevani Mantra given by Gurudev and regular meditation. In my house, everybody is leading a happy and blissful life by the grace of Guruji.
  • My daughter had epileptic disease. I played Sanjeevani mantra video for her. She heard the mantra in Gurudev's voice.

  • She started chanting the mantra and doing meditation. She experienced Yogic Kriyas and was completely cured of epilepsy.

  • My whole family is initiated and all the family members meditate in the morning and evening. There is happiness and peace in the house by the grace of Guruji.

  • I would like to say to all the people that they must meditate in the morning and evening on Guruji's picture.