Image Ranaram Luhar

Ranaram Luhar

Rheumatoid cured & Unique Spiritual Experience


M.P. Kalibery, Baijnath Road, Sursagar, District Jodhpur (Raj.)

I took Shaktipat initiation from respected Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag on 14 January 2000. Previously I was suffering from arthritis. The doctors told me that I will have to take medicines for life. I was terrified but continued the treatment although there was no improvement in health

  • Once someone said that I had ‘Pitra Dosh’ so the gods have become angry. If you go to black magician, he will fix it. I got disturbed after listening to this. I visited them but got no result.

  • Once, by chance, I got in touch with Mr. Shankarlal. He is a disciple of Gurudev. He said, "If you want to be cured, then meditate on Gurudev."

As I was suffering, I accepted to meditate. As there was no initiation program at that time, so they gave me a photo of Gurudev from a newspaper cutting, on which I started meditating.
  • I used to chant Jai Gurudev-Jai Gurudev, thus I meditated only on the photo for 8 months without initiation. I experienced deep meditation and various kinds of Yogic Kriyas occured. I used to experience immense joy in meditation, which became permanent.

  • Later I took initiation from Gurudev. During meditation, I used to see a huge snake, sitting in my throat and later the snake started chanting the mantra given by Gurudev. I was scared of this. The snake later changed into a female form, then she started chanting that mantra.

  • A fear arose in me. Then I told told Shankar ji about this, he told me to pray to Gurudev. I went to the ashram at his behest and told the whole incident, Gurudev heard the whole thing and said that you are blessed. You have had the direct experience and ‘darshan’ of Universal Mother- Kundalini. That Divine Power has taken away your pain. You don't have to be afraid of anything anymore. Keep chanting and meditating.

  • Sometimes during meditation, the snake would transform into Gurudev, sometimes the mantra would become Gurudev. Sometimes the mantra stretched and would spread throughout the body in the form of a light beam.

  • I am a blacksmith. Gurudev and Dada Gurudev both are visible to me all the time. Today, I am well by His grace. Life has become completely ‘Sattvic’. It is my humble request to people that even if you pay attention to the picture of Gurudev, you will understand what this philosophy is. I bow at the feet of my Gurudev.