Image Ravi Kumar Sharma

Ravi Kumar Sharma

Life got a new direction.


Village-Karnikot, Tehsil-Mundavar, District-Alwar (Raj.)

I am Ravi Kumar Sharma from Alwar. I have been living in Delhi for the last ten years. I went to Delhi to do MBA which I completed in 2010. When I left my village to go to Delhi, I was very ambitious and wanted to move forward in life.

  • After completing MBA, I was very upset. I didn’t find any direction in life, nor was there anyone to guide me. There was a lot of unrest within me.

  • I wondered when peace and joy would be found in life? The unrest within me kept increasing by the day.

Someone informed about Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag but I didn’t pay attention to it.
  • After 5-6 months, I got badly stuck in a problem and I felt that there was no one to help me. I wondered, ‘how will I get out of this mess?’ At that time, I remembered Gurudev and thought in my mind and prayed that if Gurudev will solve my problem then I will consider him as my Guru.

  • That problem of mine was resolved.On May 2017, I took Guru Diksha but after a few days I came to know that Gurudev has left his physical self. At that time, I felt very sad. That night Guruji came in my dream and he gave me a coat to wear, it felt as if I was talking to Gurudev in reality.

  • Ever since I took initiation, all my work gets done automatically. Life has got a new direction;I now know the purpose of life. I am always happy and my confidence has increased a lot. This all has happened with the blessings of Gurudev. My respects at the holy feet of Gurudev.