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Worldly Problems & Diseases vanished by Gurudev's Grace.


S/O Shri Ghevarram ji village- Bhakari wala, District-Pali (Raj.)

First of all, I offer my obeisances at the holy feet of Gurudev Sri Ramlal Ji Siyag and Dada Gurudev Baba Sri Gangainath Ji Yogi (Brahmaleen).

  • I heard about Gurudev in 2012. My maternal uncle's son suddenly became ill. He started chanting and meditating on Gurudev. After that his life changed a lot. He stayed at my house for some time. He had a calendar of Gurudev that he hung at my house.

  • I saw that it was written on the calendar that by chanting the Sanjivani Mantra and regular meditation, one gets complete freedom from all kinds of diseases and addiction to drugs but I couldn’t believe it so foolishly I said that it was a new way of cheating people and that it is just another business but we didn’t know that Gurudev is the tenth avatar ‘Kalki’.

In 2014-15, I went through a very bad phase. The situations in my life suddenly became very difficult. People of my society started behaving badly with my family members. My family was tortured in various ways. My studies were almost over so I started animal husbandry to earn money. I went to Uttar Pradesh with my father to raise sheep. I came back home in January 2015 and when I returned, I found that my family was ostracized by our society since June 2014.
  • My friend Jagdish ji who is Gurudev’s disciple enquired about my well being. When I told him about my deplorable condition, he gave me a card of Gurudev and said that I should pray to Gurudev in the evening to free us from these serious problems. I did that. I meditated for 15 minutes while mentally chanting the Sanjivani Mantra. To our surprise, my family members were accepted back into our society within 24 hours. After this, I developed deep faith in Gurudev Ji.

  • One day my friend Jagdish ji was going to the Jodhpur ashram. It was 5 February 2015. Then I along with him visited the Jodhpur Ashram. I felt deep peace the moment we reached at the ashram. I was immersed in immense joy.

  • Before I met Gurudev ji, I used to cough all the time and I was very afraid of clouds. As the sky would get clouded, I used to worry deeply about what would happen to my father and that this would cause damage and loss. I was also very upset due to cataract in both of my eyes. My eyes burnt and had blurred vision but as soon as I started chanting the Sanjeevani mantra and meditating in the morning and evening after taking Shaktipat initiation from Gurudev Siyag, all the problems gradually disappeared.

  • Today, life is such that I am physically and mentally healthy and feel divine bliss. I have no problems by Gurudev’s grace. I am also financially well by the grace of Gurudev, as I am currently serving as a teacher in a private school. I am also doing Masters in Arts from JNVU, Jodhpur. I try to serve by telling people about this divine Siddha Yoga philosophy of Gurudev. The divine mission of Gurudev will be world’s mission one day. In the end, this is a compassionate prayer to my Gurudev Ji that may his grace be always upon me.