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Rajendra Kumar

Recovery from Harpes Zoster Ophthalmicus


M 'A' 177 Kamla Nehru Nagar-5, Jodhpur

Reference- Rajkul Sandesh 'Published on 15 September 1994

  • I was suffering from Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus disease since December 1990. A large part of my head had boils and my right eye was also affected. Unbearable itching and burning in the internal parts of the head was experienced, which was very painful.

  • The boils were cured by medical treatment but itching and intense burning continued and it felt as if a lot of ants were biting. I couldn’t concentrate my mind on anything. I couldn’t tolerate heat. Due to this, I started having mental stress and insomnia. I went into depression due to this disease.

At the behest of my brother-in-law, I took initiation from Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag at Bikaner in February 2004 and started meditating regularly. Within 3-4 days, I started having involuntary Yogic Kriyas of the neck and a lot of pressure in the veins of the head was experienced. Within 15-20 days, I got freed from itching and irritation inside the head. Since then, there has never been this kind of itching and burning.
  • Nowadays, I experience Yogic kriyas during meditation like my chin bends down and touches the throat and then the stomach gets pulled inwards automatically and gets stuck to the spine.

  • There is also a very pleasuring pressure at the ‘Agyachakra’ and the body feels very light. I have become completely worry free.

  • Before initiation, I could not go out in the sun as my eyes used to get red and I always had to wear sunglasses. Now I do all the work in the sun without glasses and I’m healthy by the grace of Gurudev.