Image Tararam Paliwal

Tararam Paliwal

Tuberculosis Cured


Village- Sinali, Tehsil- Pachapdara, District- Barmer (Rajasthan), IN

I, Tararam Paliwal, am a clerk in a factory in Balotara city in Badmer district, Rajasthan. I have been suffering from tuberculosis for the last 20 years. Every month I was consuming medicines worth Rs.2000/. I used to find it difficult to breath in any dusty area. There was no support from family. I was in distress.

  • One day a colleague of mine informed me about Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga. He showed me Gurudev’s picture and said that by regular chanting of the Sanjeevani mantra given by Gurudev followed by regular meditation, one gets relieved from all kinds of afflictions and addictions. He suggested that I should try it.

  • That very evening, I meditated and felt peace within. Then I started intense chanting of the Sanjeevani mantra and meditation. I came to Jodhpur Ashram in the year 2013 and took initiation from Gurudev. I continued the medicines along with practicing Gurudev’s Siddha Yoga.

It took me about one year to get completely cured. There is a reason behind this too. While I was following Gurudev’s Siddha Yoga, friends and family members would incite me to visit other temples and clairvoyants and this divided my faith every now and then.
  • For few months I continued to be misled by my family members but gradually I realised that I didn’t like to go anywhere else because by this time I had developed a firm faith that I would recover only by chanting the Sanjeevani mantra and meditation.

  • Then I finally decided that irrespective of whether I live or die I will follow only Gurudev Siyag’s method of meditation and mantra chanting. I started intense chanting and meditation with full faith and focus. I experienced various kinds of Yogic kriyas. Gradually my health started showing signs of improvement and now it is more than 5 years that I am completely cured.

  • I was on medicines for the last 20 years but now I am not taking any medicines. I have got a new life by the grace of Gurudev.